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Learn Kiteboarding On Bantayan Island

Make unforgettable memories & experience the ultimate sensation of being able to kitesurf independently over the surface of the water! 


Welcome to the World of Kitesurfing

This course is ideal for complete beginners wishing to begin an exciting journey into the world of kiteboarding. The lesson will give you an insight into the excitement of this popular sport. We start by building confidence with a training kite followed by a progressive scheme, which focuses on grasping the basics of kite control and power handling.  This course covers both light theory and practical session, finishing confidently harnessed to the power of an inflatable kite


Professional + Great Fun

Our taster session by-pass some of the more intricate details involved with learning to kiteboard in order to proceed to the water start. We will spend the first half of the lesson grasping basic piloting skills before powering things up and learning to body drag across the surface of the water. Guaranteed to bring a smile, It’s simple fun and gives a great taste of the excitement of kiteboarding.


Confidence Builder

The Refresher Course is Ideal for an after course confidence builder. We offer full support and give focused tips for people struggling to break through a learning hurdle. Teaching 1 on 1 we're able to go out of our way to help students get to the level they want to achieve.  Our super experienced and fully certified Instructor will provide all necessary equipment (Kite & Bar, Harness, Helmet, Buoyancy Aid


Discovery ~ Level 1

Our 1 day course give students a full insight into the excitement of kiteboarding. We cover a short safety briefing before commencing with our easy to learn protocol program. Your professional instructor will check and monitor each individuals skill ability in a safe and enjoyable environment. The course is ideal for complete beginners wishing to begin an exciting journey into the world of kitesurfing. The one day lesson should have you ready to start riding on the board. The reward to learning to kitesurf is awesome. You can kite anywhere in the world! Enjoy and have fun learning in Paradise.


Transfer Power on to Board - Level  1~2

The 2 day course is our most popular itinerary, covering absolutely everything a complete beginner needs to know. Day 1 kicks things off with some theory and equipment familiarisation, before heading to the water to master basic kite controls and power handling. Day 2 we pick up the pace, focusing on encouraging independence, we spend the majority of the day looking at the skills needed to transfer the power into board speed and riding.


Kite The World Independently  Level 1~2~3

​This is your moment to make use of every minute with your own private instructor.

On this course we aim to cover all of the steps needed to make you an independent kitesurfer. Following the BKSA or IKO teaching standards the objective is to complete the Level 1, 2 & 3 criteria. Our experienced, qualified BKSA or IKO instructors will take you from the very beginning of your kitesurf journey, starting with a light safety briefing before making it all the way up to your first water start. The course is split across 3 days and consists of 9 training hours + 1 hour free supervised kite equipment rental.. 


Enjoy Your Free Time 

KiteFreedom ~ SantaFe offer the latest selection of FlySurfer and Hyde Kite Equipment.  

We offer a complete kite set rental service to intermediate + advanced riders only.

After course + refreshers will require supervision.

Caddies at your service ready to help carry and set up your kite equipment.

COMPLETE KITE SET:  Kite ~ Control Bar ~ Board ~ Harness
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